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August 18-19



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What is HumanityHacks?

This two-day hackathon is centered around the humanities. Participants will develop projects that address a real-world issue in music, literature, art, social activism, economics, and history. Participants with no coding experience are welcome! During the contest, on the first day, there will be workshops on app design, web development, ML models, and natural language processing. During the second day, we will have a panel of digital humanities experts, so that our participants can learn about the careers available in digital humanities.

When, where, and how much?

From August 18-19th at HackerDojo in Santa Clara. Attendance is free for all.

Who can attend?

Anyone who self-identifies as a female is eligible to attend.

What are the categories, and are they restrictive?

The hack categories are music, literature, art, social activism, economics, and history They are not restrictive, but prizes will be category based. We will offer awards in all of the categories: Best Literature Hack, Best Social Activism Hack, etc. Entries will be judged on projected social impact, UI/UX design, and technical difficulty. If a category has a lot of entrants, we will aim to award first, second, and third place, so as to offer many people the chance to be recognized!

Do I need previous coding experience?

Absolutely not! We will have introductory coding workshops for participants with no prior coding experience.

What should I bring?

Bring a water bottle, laptop (we will aim to provide laptops as well by using sponsorship money), and a sleeping bag if you want to take a nap!

Where can I sign up to volunteer?

You can sign up to a volunteer, judge, or mentor here.



1st Place, Team Orbis

2nd Place, Pad Pass

3rd Place, Fem Power

Anshika Agarwal

Most Innovative Idea, Dot Checker

Honorable Mention, Trash Sort

Charlotte Chin, Amira Jourdan



If your company is interested in sponsoring us, click here for our sponsorship tier. As always, we are open to custom sponsorship tiers and negotiation.

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Nandita Naik, Lead Director

Senior, Proof School

Garima Sharma,

Sponsorship Coordinator and Director of Logistics 

Junior, Dougherty Valley High School


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